Dear Angry Pilots

February 18th, 2010 | Posted in Blog

Dear Angry Pilots,

If you are highly frustrated with the actions of the government, fight with your voices and your votes. Violence or flying planes into buildings isn’t going to fix a damn thing.  As a matter of fact, violent actions will only end in more regulations for those innocent and potentially frustrated fellow pilots you leave behind.  There are currently thousands of pilots in the country who love the freedom to take off into the skies and enjoy all that the atmosphere has to offer.   Please, just remember what it was like when you started flying.  Remember the joy and the freedom that you experienced when you took your first solo flight.  Think about the days when you could spend less and fly more, or when  you flew slow just because you didn’t want to land too soon.  Earning a pilot’s license is one of the greatest accomplishments that so many of us hold dear to our hearts.  Don’t be selfish and cut short those same dreams and emotions that new pilots would love to experience.  By committing a violent act, you are not “Teaching” the people who caused grief any “Lessons.”  After all, how many times before you has some idiot done something violent or stupid and you had to pay the price.  You’ve got a voice and you’ve to a vote.  For the sake of all of your fellow airmen who still passionately love to fly, use the voice and the vote to their greatest capacity and let the rest of us enjoy the sky as you once did.

Best Regards,

The pilots who love the freedom to fly and hate the regulations that keep holding us back.

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