Now Serving National Airlines

August 24th, 2014

We are now PROUD to call National Airlines a client of ours.  Starting September 2014, we’ll be providing onsite/onboard ground operations coordination.

With all the challenges that exist for carriers that operate flights on behalf of the Department of Defense, it will be our pleasure to ensure safe, efficient ground operations coordination for National Airlines.

Omni Air International has selected Elite Operations for Station Management

September 29th, 2013

Omni Air International has selected Elite Operations to provide station management for their BWI Station Operations.

Did weather cause the airlines to cancel flights at Christmas, or was it regulations?

December 30th, 2010

Here is a great article that exposes the, not so warm and fuzzy side of regulations that were intended to make life better for passengers.

Now Providing Ground Operations Training for Omni Air International

November 24th, 2010

Air International has agreed to have Elite Operations provide all of their Ground Operations Training.  As part of this relationship, Elite Operations will be taking Ground Operations Training to a whole new level.  Omni will benefit from advanced technology as well as more frequent emphasis on problem areas.  Unlike so many other air carriers and other businesses for that matter, Elite will be providing a unique “quick response” service to departmental or even individual problems that develop.  Most companies will focus on training annually whereas Omni’s Ground Operations department will  now have the flexibly to focus on those areas as well as continually improve what already works well on a monthly and if need be, weekly level.

We at Elite are extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to continuing to provide Omni with the best possible training solutions.

Fare increase or Surcharge

May 24th, 2010

It depends on who you are asking as to whether the airlines that are adding anywhere from $10-30$ of “Peak Day” surcharges should be seen as a fare increase or just a surcharge.  For the airlines that will be doing this, it is clearly a surcharge.  For 73 days this summer ticket bought on American, United, Continental, USAirways and Delta will have a surcharge tacked on for “Peak Travel Days.”  The surcharges are based on one way tickets and you could potentially see a surcharge up to $240 for a family of four, says The question is:  Will passengers see this as a fare increase or surcharge?  It’s hard to say.  Though anyone will be hard pressed to find passengers that are excited about the added cost of the tickets, passengers will likely only discover the surcharges during the booking process.  The fares themselves will remain lower and the surcharge will be added after the user has clicked beyond what is essencially a teaser fare.  This does however depend on if there are surcharges and which booking engine the user is using at the time.

The question we at Elite would like to have answered is:  As a consumer, do you find this practice to be fair or would you rather know the real cost of the ticket up front?

Great Service brings you Advocacy

March 7th, 2010

Here is an awesome article about an obvious supportive customer of Southwest Airlines very publicly standing up for their quality of customer service.  When companies do service really well and operate very consistently with that good service, they benefit by having regular “Joe Passenger” off the street defend them when their ability to serve is called into question.

My compliments to the 30,000+ employees at Southwest Airlines for providing consistent quality service.   Working within the airline industry, you find a lot of people with opinions of Southwest and it’s business model.  Though there are thousands of people who don’t like the planes or the way they board them, very few ever have anything negative to say about the customer service that airline provides.

Here is the article from the Wichita Eagle.  Definitely worth a quick read.

Dear Angry Pilots

February 18th, 2010

Dear Angry Pilots,

If you are highly frustrated with the actions of the government, fight with your voices and your votes. Violence or flying planes into buildings isn’t going to fix a damn thing.  As a matter of fact, violent actions will only end in more regulations for those innocent and potentially frustrated fellow pilots you leave behind.  There are currently thousands of pilots in the country who love the freedom to take off into the skies and enjoy all that the atmosphere has to offer.   Please, just remember what it was like when

Can you Identify a Bad Customer?

February 18th, 2010

Here is a great article about what makes a Customer “Bad” for your business, and what companies can do about them.  Get rid of Bad Customers.

Passenger Bill of Rights Backfires

February 16th, 2010

A few years ago, delays on the tarmac hit the news in a major way.  JetBlue was in the middle of the firestorm for a plane at JFK that spent several hours during the 2007 Valentines day snowstorm going nowhere.  The consumer response to these service failures was fierce.  Call were made for congress to act immediately! Consumer advocacy groups formed and calls for

Industry leader of Aviation Ground Operations Representation

February 9th, 2010

Your charter operation will benefit with the knowledge and high level of experience that our Ground Operations Representatives bring to every flight.